Training the Trades - Building Fundamentals

Skills Gap...

We’ve all heard it. It seems that we’ve been hearing, reading, and seeing it every time we turn around. It’s a real problem in our industry and one that’s expected to get worse before it gets better. The construction industry currently has nearly 200,000 positions unfilled across the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016 data)

We are working on bridging this gap through a number of efforts:

  • Partnering with JLC Magazine in creating a training fundamentals series that can be used as a resource by those wishing to hone their skills or instruct others.
  • Working with manufacturers to develop training programs around their products so the end-user has more successful and better detailed installations.
  • Developing our own content and sharing our knowledge with others in the industry.
  • Creating a community of trade professionals that come together to assist others and elevate our profession.

You’ll see a little of all these efforts here.

Please engage us…on any and all of it!

We welcome your thoughts and feedback, as well as suggestions on how our industry as a whole can address the challenges we currently face.