What we can offer:

Toolbelt Production, Inc’s. mission is to work closely with building product manufacturers to translate the very technical information often embodied within instructions into practical training methods that contractors understand and retain. Whether you already have training information that you need ‘brought to life’ or if you’re in need of program development, we can help you customize your message and determine how to convey it in real terms.

One thing we often hear from our clients is “Can you just handle that for me?” In this day and age of everyone wearing the proverbial ‘too many hats’, there is a desire to find strategic partners that can take some of the load off you. (Okay enough with the clichés ).

Whether you’re in management, marketing or training, you are likely juggling a host of programs and initiatives and often have multiple partners helping you execute them. Our approach at Toolbelt Productions encompasses several steps:

  1. To work with you to determine your training needs (what is missing, what needs support, how can you do it better)
  2. Collaboratively develop a program/curriculum that meets those needs
  3. Supply as many of the elements of the program that are in our purview of services
  4. Rinse and repeat -Seriously, we repeat these steps at certain intervals to ensure that the program is evolving and growing with your needs

We can handle a wide range of services – from logistics, curriculum development and writing – to of course training and full blown event planning and production. We want to become an extension of your staff, allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best while being confident that the details are being taken care of.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Event Planning, Production and Logistics
  • Display Models/Set Design and Construction Services
  • Live Presentations
  • Installation Seminars
  • Train the Trainer Services
  • Hands-on Events
  • Online Training Programs and Supporting Media
  • Video Training Development
  • Branded Training Event Production
  • Written Technical Manuals and Installation Guidelines

Set Design & Displays:

  • We can design and fabricate sets, displays, models, or any other supporting pieces necessary for a successful training program.
  • We can test and evaluate your new products in a controlled environment or with folks that are “in the trenches” and gather valuable data and feedback.

If you have training ideas that you need help executing, we’d be happy to discuss them with you and provide you with a one-stop solution to your event and training needs.