Training The Trades – Cutting Common Rafters

Getting back to basics in order to lay a solid foundation for the next generation of builders, JLC is launching a new fundamentals series for Training the Trades. We’re focusing on some of the skills a well-rounded carpenter should acquire during his or her first year on the job. Our goal is to provide a primer for people wishing to enter the industry as well as a refresher for veterans and a tool for business managers to use when training employees. We’ll be covering both frame and finish skills, from laying out and cutting common framing members to hanging doors and running trim. We’ll talk about the technical aspects of each component and cover the basic terminology that’s crucial to clear, concise on-the-job communication.

In this first installment, we’ll start with roof framing:
Objective: Demonstrate the basics on calculating, laying out and cutting a common rafter for either a full gable roof, or for a shed roof on a porch or small addition.

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